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Electrical Injury

Diffuse Electrical Injury occurs after an area of the body comes into contact with electrical voltage...Learn More

Faulty Transformer

Electrical transformers have a huge significance in the operations of our daily lives...Learn More

Electrical Fire

Working in an industrial environment can expose you to many different risks. Electrical malfunctions...Learn More

Severe Electrical Injury

The tragedy resulting from a severe electrical injury can resonate with victims for decades...Learn More

Workplace Electrical Injury

Employees working in environments of an industrial nature are more at risk for electrical injury...Learn More

Electrothermal Burn

When an individual suffers an electrothermal burn, they will be forced to endure one of the most...Learn More

La Crosse Electrocution Attorney

Any personal injury lawyer in La Crosse, WI will tell you that from a legal perspective all injuries cases are unique in their own way. Injuries related to electricity can especially be very complex in nature and require a heightened level of expertise.

Electrical injuries in La Crosse, WI can have tragic or even fatal consequences. If you, your family or your loved one, has experienced an electrical injury of any sort, it's very important that you speak to an attorney who's experienced in handling electrocution cases.

When such an electrical injury occurs, there are so many factors leading up to it and as someone who has been injured, it's important for you to understand exactly what those factors were as well as if there was any fault or negligence that played a role the accident.

Our law firm will help you by getting the answers to those questions, determining if you have a case and then in the event you do, pursuing justice for you and your family.

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